Why should you consider a one page website?

  • Broaden Your Reach: A One Page Website allows you to showcase your company, services, and products to a wider, more relevant audience, boosting your visibility and business potential.


  • Learn Transferable Skills: Mastering the art of building a One Page Website equips you with the know-how to expand or create larger websites in the future, making it a valuable skill set.


  • Easily Adaptable: As your business evolves and introduces new offerings, your One Page Website can seamlessly adapt to accommodate these changes, ensuring your online presence remains up-to-date.

let us build it for you

If you’re looking for a hassle-free website creation experience, we’ve got you covered! Our expert team can take care of the entire process, from planning and design to development and launch. We’ll work closely with you to ensure your vision is realized, and the end product meets your expectations. With our support, you can sit back and relax, knowing your online presence is in capable hands.

To create your perfect One Page Website, we’ll guide you through the following steps:

Branding Decisions

Together, we’ll plan your branding, colours, and style to ensure a cohesive and eye-catching design.

Domain and Hosting

We’ll confirm your hosting setup and provide you with all the necessary information for a smooth launch.

Layout and Content

We’ll collaborate on the layout and content requirements to create an engaging user experience.

Building the First Version

Combining content and layout, we’ll present you with the initial version of your website for review.

Linking and Going Live

We’ll connect your social media accounts and make your website live, showcasing your brand to the world!

Maintenance and Enhancement Training

Lastly, we’ll equip you with the knowledge needed to maintain and update your website, ensuring its continued success.

learn how to build it yourself

With our expert guidance, you’ll gain the skills and confidence needed to build a professional One Page Website that accurately represents your brand and engages your target audience.

The course consists of six small group Zoom sessions, with five participants per session.

You’ll also receive an extra one-to-one meeting of 90 minutes for personalised assistance.


In this session, you’ll learn how to prepare and plan your branding to create a cohesive and visually appealing design.


We’ll cover hosting and setup, ensuring you have all the technical knowledge to set up and launch your website successfully.


In this session, you’ll learn about layout, content, and keywords, creating a website that engages and resonates with your target audience.


We’ll guide you through the process of building your website, ensuring a smooth and stress-free development experience.


We’ll discuss linking your social media accounts to your website, helping you to expand your online presence and reach a wider audience.


In our final session, we’ll review your website, ensuring it meets your expectations and is ready for launch. We’ll also provide guidance on maintenance tasks and updates, helping you keep your website up-to-date and relevant.


Bonus One to One Zoom Session

Between Session 4 and Session 5, we offer a One to One Zoom session where we focus solely on Your One Page Website. During this 90-minute session, we’ll work with you to ensure that Your One Page Website is as close to completed as possible before the next group session. We’ll answer any questions you may have and provide you with personalized guidance on how to improve and enhance Your One Page Website.

Session 1: Branding and Style

During this session, we’ll help you create a visually appealing design for Your One Page Website by guiding you through the process of selecting colours and fonts that represent your brand. By the end of this session, you’ll have a better understanding of how to create a brand style that resonates with your target audience.

Session 2: Hosting and Setup

In this session, we’ll cover the technical aspects of hosting and setup for Your One Page Website, providing you with the knowledge and support you need to ensure a stress-free setup process, regardless of whether you choose to use WordPress or another website builder.

Session 3: Content and Keywords

During this session, we’ll focus on crafting content that engages and resonates with your target audience, while also showing you how to use keywords effectively to improve Your One Page Website’s visibility on search engines.

Session 4: Building Your Website

In this session, we’ll give you practical tips and guidance on how to create a website that’s both visually appealing and easy to navigate, while also being on hand to answer any technical questions you may have about building Your One Page Website.

Session 5: Social Media and Marketing

During this session, we’ll discuss the role that social media and marketing play in promoting Your One Page Website, guiding you through the process of linking your social media accounts to your website and showing you how to create sales funnels and email newsletters to drive traffic and boost conversions.

Session 6: Review and Maintenance

In our final session, we’ll review Your One Page Website and provide you with guidance on how to maintain and enhance it over time, answering any questions you may have about maintaining your website and providing you with tips and tricks on how to keep it up-to-date and relevant.

Virtual Learning Environment

During the course you will also have access to our virtual learning environment, where you can access valuable information that will help with your website and digital marketing.  This includes:

One Minute Book reviews in the form of audio clips.
One page guides to explain some of the integrated marketing concepts
One minute video clips that shows you how to perform certain actions needed for you website.

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